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Arcturian Channeling Session 30 Minutes

One-on-one private session where I channel the Arcturians to answer any questions that you have about starseeds, soul purpose, ascension, love life, healing tips, etc.

With each channeling light codes and activations are given through the frequencies that are communicated during the session. General guidance can also be given if you don’t have specific questions but would like to be informed of what messages are needed for you at that time, which is also connected to your personal energetic team as well.

My channeling of the Arcturians can be found giving general collective messages on The Blog Spot (in written form) and on my YouTube channel Sovereign Vibrations

What or who are the Arcturians?

The Arcturians are extraterrestrial beings ranging from 5th dimensional to 9th dimensional light beings originating from the giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation. They can be in physical and non physical form depending on their dimension and level of frequency. Arcturians are mainly telepathic in nature of communication and have highly skilled perceptions of how to create from a heart centered place of frequency. Their main mission is to support this shift in consciousness that is currently going on here on Earth and to bring more awareness to how our energetic bodies are more powerful than we are lead to believe. They offer insight into how to heal past traumas and understand deeper how to become more human within higher frequencies of energy.

What People Are Saying:

Renee Louise is the most powerful channeler I have ever worked with. I received so much information that has helped my confidence, my attitude and the list goes on. I did an Arcturian channeling and definitely be doing several more. Since reading the descriptions in her sound bath sessions for different parts of the world i am planning on getting a personal sound bath session as well just so I can get the description of what she saw and heard while doing it, they are so beautiful! She is truly amazing and her gifts are so powerful! I have listened to the recording of my personal Arcturian session over and over, it is so jam packed with information, my mind is blown!!

Kathy Longhurst