1/11 Channeling Event Recording Playback

1 Hour Group Channeling Event 

This event was so powerful and full of so many light language codes to help bring in New Years intentions of planting new seeds and also rejuvenation on all levels. The beings that came through also brought in healing around grief and ways of healing soul fragments and connections.

Even though you may have not made it to the live event,I have set up the container that whoever joins after is still supported within the channeling and messages as if you actually did attend the live with us all. 

Upon purchase of this channeling you will receive an email containing the link of the recording playback. I hope you enjoy the messages and feel supported along your journey!

P.s. We also all gained a new animal spirit guide on our team and it as different for everyone! So powerful and magical!

What you'll get:

  • Guidance and support along your spiritual journey
  • Love frequencies, Activations, Downloads & Energy Healing 
  • A emailed link to watch playback of event  


Lots of love,

Renee Louise

What People Are Saying:

Channelling with Renee has been a profound experience for me in many ways. Her gift of seeing is aligned very much with what I am experiencing in my own Ascension. Her ability to channel messages and light languages has allowed my being to be aligned with the greater, higher timeline of the Cosmos. My nervous system feels more online, and my higher self is more easily accessible. I am always in awe of how Renee specifically taps into my own experience, and the collective experience. Her gifts soothe and comfort me.

I felt so relaxed, it was like I slept for 8 hours

Renee’s gift is something magical and being in her containers is truly a gift. The portal channeling was eyes opening, body anchoring and divine timing. She is a natural, her connection and intuition is incredible. She makes you feel safe, at ease and totally seen.

I enjoyed my first channeling ever with Renee! I didn’t know what to expect and went in with an open mind. I was totally blown away. Immediately Renee made everyone on the call feel comfortable. I love that she took the time to ask if anyone had anything on their mind that she could channel. When she was communicating with another realm she was so happy and focused and in tune. I loved watching her in her element. The information that came through was so powerful and gave me hope and peace and excitement for 2024! One of my favorite parts was when Renee communicated in light language. It felt so peaceful and inspiring! Renee is someone who brings light and love and connection wherever she goes! Whatever service you choose to do with her, I believe you will leave feeling more hopeful, peaceful, connected and in tune. I hope to work with Renee again soon! ❤️

My body was vibrating while the light language was being channeled, I feel so expensive!

$44.00 USD