Pleiadian Channeling Session 30 Minutes

One-on-one private session where I channel the Pleiadans to answer any questions that you have about star seeds, ascension, love life, healing tips, etc.

With each channeling light codes and activations are given through the frequencies that are communicated during the session. General guidance can also be given if you don’t have specific questions but would like to be informed of what messages are needed for you at that time, which is also connected to your personal energetic team as well.

My channeling of the Pleiadians can be found giving general collective messages on The Blog Spot (in written form) and on my YouTube channel Sovereign Vibrations

What People Are Saying:

I had a Pleiadian Channelling session with Renee & it was amazing! She has such a clear channel & the guidance & information she brought through resonated so much & I could feel the high frequencies coming through. I had an hour session so had time to ask multiple questions & also let whatever the Pleidians wanted me to know come through as well. If you want to get insight on your souls mission or if you have questions that you want answered from the Pleidians then I would highly recommend a channelling session!


$111.00 USD

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