Pleiadian Channeling Session 30 Minutes


Are you ready to feel connected with more of your galactic self through starseed beings like the Pleiadaians?

During a channeling session I go into a meditative state to channel through the Arcturians, and/or Pleiadian beings of light. When we are on our spiritual journey we begin to remember other soul lifetimes of being galactic  beings and can feel a sense of missing “home”. Usually if that’s the case our soul has a strong connection to an aspect(s) in the stars and we can identify with the term known as Starseeds. 

The purpose and intention of channeling these galactic beings is to bring in guidance from a more macro perspective. Our galactic teams like the Pleiadians for example have guidance and messages for us that we are meant to connect with. Many times these sessions leave people feeling more at home here on Earth and being more connected to other past lifetimes and even current lifetimes happening in the quantum field. 

Every channeling session is different and unique to each individual’s needs within that moment in time. Feel free to bring any questions you would like answered or any guidance that you are looking for. Within every session it is a live interaction and you get to speak directly to me as I am in a channeled state, allow that being of light into the conversation! It truly is pure magic!

What may happen during a session:

  • Healing trauma, past lives, karmic connections, finding the source of and relieving physical pain etc.
  • Stepping deeper into your spiritual practice and harnessing your unique abilities.
  • Guidance from your spiritual team, higher self, inner child, etc.
  • Feeling more confident about showing up in the world with more sovereignty and authenticity. 
  • Light Language activations to support you on your journey.
  • Practical tools to use daily to practice using your spiritual gifts and feel more safe within your body.
  • Connecting more to your galactic soul energies!

With every session you will receive a recording to listen back to and access all of the information that was covered and channeled. 

If you feel called to have a private channeling session but feel on the fence or unsure, I would recommend coming to one of my live monthly channeling events or purchasing a recording from past events. It will give you and inside look on how the experience could be for you during a private session and each event holds so much healing and beautiful guidance!

What People Are Saying:

I had a Pleiadian Channelling session with Renee & it was amazing! She has such a clear channel & the guidance & information she brought through resonated so much & I could feel the high frequencies coming through. I had an hour session so had time to ask multiple questions & also let whatever the Pleidians wanted me to know come through as well. If you want to get insight on your souls mission or if you have questions that you want answered from the Pleidians then I would highly recommend a channelling session!


$177.00 USD

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