Hi Beautiful Soul, my name is Renee Louise. I am a spiritual coach, sound and energy healer, channeler and artist. Before stepping into my spiritual gifts and creating my current business I began getting my degree in fashion design which then shifted into becoming a hairstylist. I was a hairstylist for around 10 years and it was within my own healing journey where I felt the call to study energy healing modalities.


I first began with using oracle and tarot cards to channel guidance while working with other healers and psychic mentors back in 2014. I quickly got trained in reiki healing and am certified up into reiki level 2. In 2016 I began learning and sharpening my intuition and healing abilities with my spiritual mentor. While working in the salon it became oblivious that I needed to work on my spiritual hygiene and also felt guided to learn how to offer my spiritual services to my clients.

My name is Renee Louise.

I am a spiritual counselor and ascension guide. I help starseeds and lightworkers feel empowered and confident by helping them remember and activate their souls gifts through my sovereign vibrations signature method 

The Sovereign Vibrations signature method includes healing modalities such as energy healing, light language, sound therapy, and channeling to tap into the magic that has always been within. 


In 2018 I was guided to begin showing up as an energy healer and channeler. I started by doing live tarot and oracle readings on instagram and in person at the salon. Soon after following this guidance I began to get downloads from beings of light like the Arcturian’s and was told I needed to share the information they were sending me.   


After healing some fears and blocks I had around channeling beings like the Arcturian’s for others, in 2019 I began channeling for the collective on my YouTube channel. 2020 also was massive for me like all of us and that is when I was guided to begin creating an oracle deck which has now transformed into Sovereign Vibrations Oracle Deck. It was a big stretch for me to create the designs, write a book describing all of the messages and record music for each card! 63 sound baths to be exact! The creation of this project has been one of the biggest gifts to me and is available for pre order now and will be officially available by May 2024!


The journey of my own healing and of being a spiritual coach and channeler is constantly evolving and taking new creative turns of expansion. In 2023 I studied deeper into energy healing and am now an advanced energy healer with the modality of Divine Empowerment by Antonia Harman. I truly feel like a powerful wizard/ fairy lady that’s always changing her hair color! 

Thank you for being here and I am excited to connect and support you in any way that feels most in alignment with you!


Lots of love,

Renee Louise

Renee's mission through Sovereign Vibrations is to introduce a healing haven for those who desire guidance on their journey to self-empowerment.  

Sovereign Vibrations is a place to be the architect of your own life, learning the skills to break free from the past and live the life you were meant to live. The services on this site offer ways to expanding one's personal evolution to self-love and happiness.

Renee utilizes her well-developed abilities and training in this holistic approach to give her clients the tools they need to be their best possible self.

“Serenity is not the conclusion of a soul journey, it is the acceptance of being on a soul journey”


What is Sovereign Vibrations?